The B2B Fit Kids Foundation of Back To Basics Fitness, Inc.,

is Non-Profit 501 (c)3 corporation formed to serve its community with fitness instruction and education for youth and their families. We are dedicated to raising funds and awareness for quality programs during critical hours that incorporate heath, fitness and wellness. Such programs will include fitness classes such as youth boxing, agility drills, nutritional workshops and more.  501(c)3 #47-3775198

Our Mission


Back To Basics Fitness, Inc. is 100 % committed to ending childhood obesity through an anti-bullying self-­defense boxing program. This program is FREE to all school age children ages 6-12 years of age.

What We Do


We provide quality instruction, build self-confidence, teach discipline, perseverance and self respect while building strong community relationships.  Our program has the potential to save many lives in more ways than one.  We commit to maintaining a strong program in order to keep youth off of the streets, aid children with the knowledge of how to spot a potential predator and to encourage our future society to be strong leaders in our communities.